Michael Preuss

Data-informed, performance-driven digital product leader

Hello 👋, I'm Michael Preuss, currently serving as the Director of Digital Experience at GitLab. With an Executive MBA from Simon Fraser University and a track record of delivering impactful results, I'm on a mission to drive success at SaaS and eCommerce companies.

Career Highlights

  • Executive MBA from Simon Fraser University: Specialized in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Strategy, International Strategy, Digital Transformation, and Marketing.

  • Director of Digital Experience at GitLab: Leading a team focused on enhancing user experience and driving digital transformation.

  • IPO Experience: Played a pivotal role in a company that successfully went through an IPO process, showcasing my ability to operate at high levels of responsibility.

  • Thought Leadership: Published multiple articles on platforms like LinkedIn, Medium, and Substack, focusing on digital transformation, leadership, and strategy.

What Drives Me

Fueled by a relentless curiosity and a commitment to excellence, I thrive on solving complex challenges that intersect technology, business, and human behavior. My approach is rooted in the '3 Cs': Co-creation to bring the best ideas to life, Collaboration to harness collective intelligence, and Coordination to ensure seamless execution.

My Goals

  • Immediate Impact: To leverage my skills in digital transformation, leadership, and strategy to drive measurable success in my current role at GitLab, thereby contributing to the company's growth and customer satisfaction.

  • Broader Scope: To expand my influence beyond the Digital Experience domain, applying my expertise in innovation, strategic thinking, and leadership to solve complex business challenges across various sectors.

  • Next-Level Leadership: To transition into a VP role where I can amplify my impact by overseeing multiple functions and being responsible for a P&L or a set of business metrics.

  • Global Influence: To use my unique blend of skills and experiences to make a positive impact on a global scale, whether it's through sustainable business practices, technological innovation, or empowering the next generation of leaders.

  • Long-Term Legacy: To leave a lasting impact on the industries I serve, not just through roles and titles but by fostering a culture of innovation, ethical responsibility, and inclusive leadership


Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or drop me an email at michael.preuss.mba@gmail.com.

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Data-informed, performance-driven executive specializing in SaaS, Growth Marketing, e-commerce, strategy, and artificial intelligence.


Michael Preuss

Data-informed, performance-driven digital product leader